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BUY TICKET Select Page European Supervisory Authorities ESA clear the way for Bitcoin BTCEthereum ETH and Skycoin SKY as legal tender and investment product April 1stBrussels — The four European Supervisory Authorities ESA, EBA, EIOPA and ESMA and the ECB addressed the citizens of invest in ethereum or bitcoin European Union in a written communication.

This letter explains to the population the opportunities that cryptocurrency trading entails and the possibility of trading cryptocurrencies. It is argued that cryptocurrencies, which are more secure, more democratic and more liberal through a decentralized structure, should therefore also be legally considered as a means of payment.

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An EU-wide regulation will be provided as soon as possible, so that investors and consumers are legally secured. The ESA recommends thoroughly researching the investment product and taking precautions for safekeeping before becoming actively involved.

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In a first step, the European Supervisory Authorities ESA would like to release Bitcoin BTCEthereum ETH and the 3rd generation currency Skycoin SKY as legal tender and investment product. The ESAs are institutions responsible for the rules of European financial markets, launched in as a response to the global financial crisis. The EU must take a global leadership position here.

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For example, the finance ministers and central bankers of Germany and France last week wrote a letter with specific demands for the regulation of cryptocurrencies to the G20 presidency in Argentina. Germany and France have always been considered the engines of European integration and have the power to advance large-scale collaborative projects. Spread the love.

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