Ethereum worth investing 2022

ethereum worth investing 2022

AprilAlex Tapscott, co-author of the book "The Blockchain Revolution". The Canadian entrepreneur and co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute has to offer deep insights into the crypto space.

At the 4Gamechangers Festival in Vienna, Alex Tapscott sat down with Trending Topics, to talk about the seven different types of crypto assets, the role of Ethereum and his own investment strategies.

Why is this technology a revolution?

ethereum worth investing 2022

Alex Tapscott: The book focuses on what blockchain technology means for business, society, government and institutions. The reason why if think it is revolutionary is because the blockchain is representing the second era of the internet.

ethereum worth investing 2022

For thirty years, we had the internet of information. It has been a powerful tool that changed the way we communicate and how we access information.

It has democratized access to information for many people, and it hat a broadly positive impact on the world. We still rely on intermediaries to sit in the middle and establish trust between parties.

That is ok if it is a Wikipedia article or a pdf, but it is not ok if it is money or stocks or bonds or assets.

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Blockchain represents a digital medium for value and to create value peer to peer. That is the reason why blockchain will have impact on every single industry, because every industry has intermediaries, like banks or social media or data aggregators.

Geschichte[ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] Die ersten NFTs wurden auf der Bitcoin-Side-Chain Counterparty bereits erstellt. Dezember gründeten Devin Finzer und Alex Atallah in New York mit OpenSea einen Marktplatz für NFTs auf Basis der Ethereum-Blockchain. The First Days des US-amerikanischen Digitalkünstlers Beeple. Januar gab die Galerie Belvedere in Wien bekannt, dass eine Fotografie des Gemäldes Der Kuss von Gustav Klimt in Damit sollten 18,5 Millionen Euro lukriert werden.

They are the ones who capture most of the value. I think cryptocurrencies and crypto assets are misunderstood. There are seven different types of crypto assets.

The first kind are cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin is the most obvious example. Bitcoin is used today by tens of millions of people all around the world and stores hundreds of billions dollars of value. The daily transaction volume is enormous. Which are the other six types of crypto assets?

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These other six types of crypto assets are more interesting than the first category. The second type are platforms like Ethereum. This platform allows you to use the native token to run applications and smart contracts on a decentralized network. These applications can attack different industries, like financial services, cloud computing or gaming. The native token is used to power these applications.

The more applications run on the network, the more valuable the token becomes. Platforms like Ethereum are more interesting than cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The third type are the tokens for the applications that run on top of these networks.

They are called utility tokens and run on top of Ethereum or NEO or IOTA. Projects have been issuing these utility tokens.

As a result utility tokens are the least interesting category.

ethereum worth investing 2022

Which are more interesting to you? Number 4 will be the most interesting category over the next years: security tokens. These tokens represent equity in a company. Other than for oil for example, there is no physical assets for equity. All equities will be digitized and moved onto the blockchain, and all of the business logic will happen peer to peer.

Today the global crypto asset market is roughly billion dollars, the global equity market is trillion. So the opportunity to migrate assets into this ecosystem is very large.

ethereum worth investing 2022

What about category number 5? The fifth kind are natural asset tokens, digital assets that have a physical asset in the real world.

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Yeah well, sort of laughs. A coin that is backed by oil or gold or something like that. That is kind of interesting, but there is still the physical aspect of delivery, which you cannot put on the blockchain.

ethereum worth investing 2022

But there are lots of opportunities to make that market more efficient. These are crypto collectibles, like CryptoKitties. These are totally unique digital assets. There will be 21 million Bitcoins created, but there will only ever be one of each of these CryptoKitties.

People will spend a lot of money on these things. Some of these CryptoKitties were sold for ethereum worth investing 2022 of thousands of dollars, which is absurd by the way.

But the point is that there are a lot of assets in the digital and in the real world that are unique — like digital artwork, music, film, diamonds or playing cards. In kryptowährung investieren app the last category? The seventh type are crypto fiat currencies and stable coins.

These can be issued by governments, like the Petro, ethereum worth investing 2022 are tokens like Tether. Both are fishy, but the category will become more developed.

The main point here is: Beyond cryptocurrencies there is actually a huge array of usecases for these technology in the asset category. And: The blockchain can do much more than assets. In the last months we have seen a very volatile market.

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Bitcoin was at almost Why did the market explode and than crash? Two years ago the value of crypto assets was nine billion dollars.

ethereum worth investing 2022

Eight billion of that was Bitcoin, and Ethereum was roughly one billion dollars. This year, the crypto asset market is at almost billion dollars. Year over year, it is up tremendously. However, there was a bubble in December and January, the market went to eight hundred billion dollars and more.

But long term we barely scratched the surface on what these assets are going to be worth. If Ethereum becomes the new platform for the best companies that will be created, it will be worth hundreds of billions, maybe trillions of dollars.

It may not bitcoin indirekt investieren the winner, there are a lot of competing platforms. Did we, the media, hype cryptocurrencies? Well yeah, you guys laughs. The media has a very confused relationship with cryptocurrencies.

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Maybe that is what sells newspapers. No, I think most of the success of the crypto market was driven by Ethereum.

Bitcoin: would we invest your money in it?

Ethereum emerged as a viable second entrant into this world. All of a sudden people realized that there is a platform where you can do ICOs, where you can build applications on it, where you can run smart contracts.

That led to the ICO boom. Seventy percent of the ICOs that happened over the past years have been using the Ethereum standard. When Ethereum emerged people saw that you can build platform, and the we saw an explosion of platforms, like EOS and Tezos and Icon and Pokadot and IOTA and NEO. These are all things that claim to compete with Ethereum.

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We will end up in a multi-chain world with lots of different blockchains that all interoperate. But could it be that all this is a hype? Like there has been a hype around chatbots in the last years? Chatbots are an implementation of artificial intelligence. You mentioned that blockchain is a big threat to intermediaries.

The big Silicon Valley companies hardly ever talk about blockchain. Should they be afraid of the blockchain? To some of them blockchain is a threat than to others. Amazon Web Services, the idea of centralized cloud computing, could potentially disrupted by decentralized cloud computing. Facebook is more likely to be disrupted. That will eventually lead to a shift in usage of these types of platforms.

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Centralization is more efficient than decentralization. First you need to overcome the technical hurdles, and then you need to drive adoption. But people switch to new services fairly regularly, especially if there is an added aspect of privacy, like at Telegram, Signal or WhatsApp.

Some of the value there is that it is more secure and ethereum worth investing 2022 difficult to hack. Ethereum worth investing 2022 crypto community is in the tens of millions, and they will probably the first to adopt a new decentralized social network.

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